Plastic Molding Broadmeadows

MAP Precision are the premier plastic manufacturer for Broadmeadows and surrounds. Our clients come from a diverse range of industries, including leisure, aerospace, medical and automotive – not to mention the government sector. As we boast one of the best design teams in the country, clients who need state-of-the-art parts turn to us. MAP Precision have a reputation for exactness and attention to detail. We also know how to troubleshoot common problems with plastics, and to realise your design vision in a high-performance part.

With our computer-aided design for plastic molding Broadmeadows customers can enjoy all the benefits of CAD technologies and five axis trimming. Five-axis trimming allows for a control over part manufacture that human beings are not capable of. Make the best of all these advances in technology to produce an affordable, robust plastic molding for Broadmeadows and surrounds.


About Vacuum Forming

If looking for plastics manufacture using vacuum forming Broadmeadows clients have come to the right place. We have high tech vacuum forming for Broadmeadows clients, so you can manufacture the perfect part for the given application.

What is vacuum forming? Vacuum forming is much like thermoforming, though it is considerably simpler. First, a sheet of plastic is heated to a desirable temperature, one low enough that it will not melt, but high enough that it can be formed. It is then stretched over a one-surface mold. A vacuum coerces the plastic sheet against the mold.

The applications of vacuum forming are numerous, including for traffic signs, and protective covers.

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