Plastic Molding Craigieburn

For exactness of design and manufacturer in plastics, it must be MAP Precision. MAP Precision have a reputation throughout the manufacturing industry for excellence in production and for our ability to successfully handle the orders of a range of clients, from such diverse industries as aerospace, medical, automotive, and leisure. We have also successfully handled a range of government contracts.

Whatever the need in plastic molding Craigieburn customers know they are getting the best with MAP Precision. Our experts relish the chance to guide the development of your prototype, which we aim to produce efficiently and affordably.

Plastics has become a popular material in a range of manufacturing applications. It is lightweight, more affordable and easier to work than metal, meaning it saves on costs of production – all important with today’s tight production margins. Despite being a composite material, it is also strong. Automotive and aeronautical engineering more and more favour plastics in their design. Your production too can benefit with MAP Precision’s plastic molding for Craigieburn.  


Vacuum Forming Option

Looking for a quick, affordable option for a relatively inexpensive component? Vacuum forming might be just what you’re looking for.

Vacuum forming is like thermoforming except that its effectiveness is achieved with use of vacuum technology. Plastic is heated to a molding temperature before being pressed by the vacuum against the desire mold. Vacuum forming for Craigieburn is great for producing road signs and other simple plastics products.

For vacuuming forming Craigieburn customers should look to MAP Precision.

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