Plastic Molding Thomastown


MAP Precision offer Thomastown clients the best plastic manufacture in the business. We produce quality, precision parts for a range of industries, including medical, automotive, and leisure industries, as well as government contracts.

We are lucky to have the pick of the best experts in the plastics industry, who can help you to realise your design into an even better product than you could have imagined! The beauty of plastic is that it is both efficient and affordable, yet often as robust and durable as traditional metal applications. There’s little wonder composites like plastic have become such an important part of modern manufacturer.

When it comes to plastic molding Thomastown customers should know there are a few limitations and guidelines. These include a view to making sure wherever possible that the radius is appropriate and that the wall thickness is uniform. If you’re not sure, you can call us today! With our plastic molding Thomastown clients however know they are getting top performing plastic.


Vacuum Forming

For the best vacuum forming Thomastown clients should settle for no less than MAP Precision. With our vacuum forming Thomastown clients can achieve a variety of manufacturing specifications much more efficiently. This is the nature of plastic manufacture – it greatly saves on costs!

Vacuum forming, like Thermoforming, uses heat, but also uses vacuum technology to achieve its effect. A piece of plastic for molding must be heated to a molding temperature, but not to a temperature that would melt the plastic. It is held to a desired mold by a vacuum.   

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